Philosophical cuisine

We believe that healthy eating isn’t just about consuming luxurious or refined dishes, but rather about avoiding harmful substances for the body. This happens because every food can be either good or bad for us, depending on the body’s needs or the way the dish is prepared. Nowadays, our palates are exposed to an overwhelming variety of flavors and aromas, often forgetting to truly taste the food; we crave real, simple flavors derived from natural ingredients. We’ve forgotten how to listen to what our bodies need, rather than what our taste buds desire.

As chefs, it is our responsibility to prepare food that is beneficial for the body and delightful for the palate, thereby contributing to the creation of beauty in our everyday lives.

We believe that dishes should be prepared in a way that they serve as good medicine for maintaining health. By using fresh, organic ingredients, food becomes more than just a meal; it becomes a natural remedy for the soul.

Since we started cooking with such an attitude, we have truly begun to understand the importance of quality raw ingredients. Fresh, organic ingredients have the ability to cleanse our bodies, so using certified organic products, grown without any chemicals or genetic modifications, is a good starting point to achieve harmony of body and mind. Cooking with minimal seasoning to preserve the subtle taste and aroma of each ingredient is of utmost importance to us. We must remember that the true flavors and aromas of food always come from the original ingredients, not from seasonings.