Farm in the heart of Kaszuby

The farm is located in the Kaszuby Landscape Park. Surrounded by meadows and beautiful deciduous forest, our chickens are free to peck: nettle leaves and lime, pine and fir needles as well as clover and dandelion.


The history of the farm dates back to 1979, when Joseph Kupper founded the first chickens farm in the area. Other people followed, and over time their farms grew and became more and more industrial. The farm has survived unchanged and focused on a small scale. Just like 40 years ago, today there is one farmhouse on the farm. Due to the fact that on the pasture it has never been used chemical spraying to protect plants against weeds, insects and diseases, obtaining an organic farming certificate was a formality.

Animal welfare

Our chickens live in our shed for 12 weeks, which is 2 times longer than in conventional breeding. During this time we feed them with organic feed, which means that the seeds are not genetically modified (no GMO) and that the grain is fertilized only with natural fertilizers. We keep the chickens away from antibiotics. Our chickens are healthy and delicious because we give them garlic, apples and herbs. Through the windows in the poultry house, the daylight and fresh air come in. After a day spent around the farm, the family of chickens comes down to the shed for the night, where they fall asleep without artificial light.

Group of local producers

We work with other family-run local businesses: organic cereals brings to us farmers near Bytow, we use the courtesy of a small slaughterhouse, delicious sausages and other cured meats makes for us traditional butchery in Bychowo.

Lots of space and daylight in the shed.

We are against antibiotics.

Organic grains – no GMO / pesticides.